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E-Challenge Champions 2012/13

London Entrepreneurs' Challenge Awards: Winners of the UCL annual student business plan competition

In three categories – undergraduates, postgraduates and alumni – a total of £26,000 worth of prizes were awarded - three first prizes of £5,000, three runner up prizes of £3,000, and one Provost’s prize of £2,000.

2012/13 Winner (undergraduate category)
The company is a training organisation aiming to globally revolutionise the way laparoscopic appendectomies are taught

2012/13 Winner (post-graduate category)
A software company which creates audio versions of websites, making it possible to listen to and navigate around large amounts of content online, with especial benefits for blind and visually impaired people

2012/13 Winner (alumni category)
Blue Ronin
Produced mobile app Apposite - an innovative solution to the problem of abortive work and wasted time on construction sites due to out of date and out of synch drawings.

2012/13 Runner-Up (undergraduate category)
Index Africana
Extracts information on consumer behaviours and demographics in Africa through the use of mobile technology.

2012/13 Runner-Up (post-graduate category)
Solves the problems of sellers having to load their items multiple times on multiple platforms, by providing sellers with the ability to load on multiple platforms (eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace etc.) simultaneously and with minimal effort.

2012/13 Runner-Up (alumni category)
An online platform where home seekers can browse properties as and when they come on the market in Pakistan.

2012/13 Provost's Prize
A lightweight, innovative photo printer that clips on to the back of a mobile phone and prints wirelessly. The accompanying mobile app enables users to customise and upload photos for real-time viewing.